MAZ 5516 v 1.0

MAZ 5516

MAZ 5516

MAZ 5516

good management
Work plate
Workers rearview mirror
Manual Hoist Body (left Ident. Mouse)
Dust and traces of the wheels
Open / close the door (from the inside) – I. In the administrative
Open / close the door (outside) – into it. R
Works turning and not-key tones. 1 2 3
Realistic download
Designed for the transportation of: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, wood, silage and wood chips



MAZ 5516 v 1.0
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One thought on “MAZ 5516 v 1.0

  1. Звук от стандартного МАНа. В салоне для чего-то сделан вид посередине – зачем??? При езде по неровностям голова в салоне остается на одном уровне.

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