MAZ 509 v 1.15 [MP]

MAZ 509

MAZ 509

MAZ 509

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here I present you the “MAZ 509” as a tractor in the revised version.

Model runs entirely on standard script and is LOG FREE!

The MAZ 509 from the 500 series is equipped with a V8 diesel engine of the type Jamz-238 with direct injection and an output of 240 hp.

The top speed is about 75 km / h (Real) and 65 km / h (in-game), and is therefore perfectly adequate for this model.

The MAZ 509 was mainly used as timber transport.


Lights, brake lights, turn signals, Rul, Tachobeleuchtung

Tire tracks and tire dust

Washable (Dirty)

animated Farmer

animated Amaturen

animated propshaft

animated steering

animated lever (of the passages through turns while driving)

fully animated suspension, according to realistic model (animated shock absorbers, leaf springs animated, animated axes, etc.)

Mirror (via Mouse Control Left u. Right mouse button adjustable)

Rotation of the viewing area in the Indoorcam perspective when steering

realistic AO textures

new engine sounds

Other small changes in the xml


Patch 1.3 or later must be installed!

I wish you much fun with the mod.


Kiryukha, Jekyll

MAZ 509 v 1.15 [MP]
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