Good Manderow V 1.0 [MP]

Good Manderow V 1.0

Good Manderow V 1.0

Good Manderow V 1.0

Good Manderow V 1.0

Good Manderow V 1.0

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you find yourself in the small sleepy village Manderow near Wismar again. The squire of Good Manderow has built here with its manor house its new Getreidehof with a modern silo with its own drying. A village further in Old Jassewitz can be found then the animal production of large enterprise. At the grain AG near the place Gramkow the harvest can be sold. Furthermore you will also find many other little surprises, so I do not want to reveal everything here. Explores yourself the map and rejoice over a vast landscape

This map is built for a real landscape section around the small town Manderow. The size of the fields thus corresponds to the real circumstances. Some fields have become even greater after current Satelitenaufnahmen even. This map therefore is ideal for large MP teams. By current year testing phase parrallel to continuous construction of the map by the AGes NWM errors could always be detected early and rectified promptly. For this reason the map in its current state is nearly error free.

Incidentally, this map is now in its current “state” to download because a team that scored from hands Derjeniger the map that is not handled trustworthy with my map. I see myself therefore compelled as author, the map now upload to not be deceived by other people behind.

The map has:


animal Husbandry


You can here:

1100Ha farmland

as well as

112Ha grassland


At the horse farm you can sell your straw bales. Of particular interest at the career, so still make your money a little start.

Since, unfortunately schweer occurs to me after such a long construction time to name all the modders who have participated in any way in this project or its properties I have installed, then you feel Please do not bypassed. The one built your objects in a map, in my eyes is actually an honorable mention.


AGes Sonnenschein, AGes NWM, viele andere Modder

Good Manderow V 1.0 [MP]
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