Logging Pack v 2.0 [MP]

Logging Pack

Logging Pack

Logging Pack

This is a pack of 2 items that I use in my lawncare videos that I have made and edited. These are probably best for smaller forestry.

This Pack Includes:

-Cat 501 HD

-Kenworth T800 Log Truck With Crane

Note: The Cat model isn’t totally acurate because it was my first ever model and there might be some issues so if you want to fix them go ahead and do so that would be great.

Version 2.0

Cat 501 HD:
-Fixed mass on head making it swing less and handle trees better
-Made arms have more movement
-1st person camera

T800 Logger:
-Changed grapple speed factor to 2


Model: Replay Gaming, Anpaes, FT Modding, Oovee
Texture: Replay Gaming
Script: Replay Gaming, Giants, FT Modding
Idea / Concept: Replay Gaming, Money Man
Testing: Replay Gaming
Other: Money Man

Logging Pack v 2.0 [MP]
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