Lochmithie Farm v 1.1 [MP]

Lochmithie Farm v 1.1

Lochmithie Farm v 1.1

Lochmithie Farm v 1.1

Lochmithie Farm v 1.1

Lochmithie Farm v 1.1

Hello,I would class this as a medium farm with medium to large fields,its a full size default map, there is more than enough to be getting on with to keep you busy on this map,

Default fruits

Multi Angle Terrain

Pigs and market

Water mod

Chopped Straw

Both Soilmod & none Soilmod ready

Added Sand & Gravel

Concrete Factory

Send Off Trains

Forest and Lumberyard, Golf Course & many sell points & much much more,

Mods needed to run this map are all included in the zip: Please extract the Downloaded zip file!!!

If You would Like to transport your excess slurry to the sell point we recommend the Following Mod:

Kotte Universal Pack









NI Modding-aluyn,henly20,rh










Lochmithie Farm v 1.1 [MP]
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12 thoughts on “Lochmithie Farm v 1.1 [MP]

  1. Lochmithie Farm v 1.1 [MP] is A VERY GOOD WORK INDEED ! But we can play multiplayer because the stone paths are too narrow, the farm and factories places too small for several tractors and trucks; The various deposits are too dispersed on Main Road. Courseplay FS 15 on the single-lane roads can not be used. Map extra but labyrinthine. It is a pity!

  2. ik heb hem 1 keer ge download en toen deed hij het wel? maar nu niet meer want farming ging even stuk dus hoe moet ik dit nu op lossen het is een hele mooie map

  3. Best map I have used in farm sim ever. It totally captures the area perfectly. The size of the lanes and roads is exactly like the real place. Skill is required and it makes the game much more fun to play. I have added an increased weight mod so it makes each session much more realistic too. Keyboard steer, damage mod, manualignition, gearbox, and so on.

    Excellent work, Looking forward to any other updates. A few more gates for the fields would be cool too.

  4. Nice map it does have bad parts but all maps do, one thing that’s not so great is almost all the fields are ready to harvest and you own a lot of them and when you try to sell them they are only worth a dollar to sell them

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