Lakeside USA v 4.0 [MP]

Lakeside By Stevie Lakeside USA

Lakeside By Stevie Lakeside USA

Lakeside By Stevie Lakeside USA

Lakeside By Stevie Lakeside USA

Lakeside By Stevie Lakeside USA

You must start a new game for V1.2.

Update includes:

The map has been renamed to Lakeside as I did not realize there what already a map out called Lakeside Farm. My apologies to the mapper.
New area created by the lake for goose fattening. Access is tight to use a small trailer.
Area Changes in the farm yard.
Orchard added with Cherry’s and Plum production.
CMP removed and Lakeshore supermarket added. Meat trigger updated to accept goose.
Area change at the salad factory.
New Storage at the salad factory for potato, steamed potato, compost soil and chaff Which therefore fixes the floating heap and all shovel triggers work perfectly.
Greenhouse, potato washer and steamer supply Amounts Increased.
Pallet mover added to the washer stand alone.
New Modular storage added in the farmyard for, straw, hay, compost soil, pig forage, beet pulp, chaff, silage, manure, potato, steamed potato, beet sugar, and wood chips.
The Farm Silo shoulderstand no longer call great demand.
Forage Silo shoulderstand no longer call great demand.
Seeds2 storage added to the silo’s and tip trigger and unloading trigger.
Seedmaster Fixed
An area was made at the farm for the placeable tomato and lettuce greenhouse from the game instore place ables and They are pre installed.
New grass terrain texture and other textures Replaced or changed Throughout the map.
Floating objects fixed.
Cow zone water trough fill speed Increased.
Sheep zone reworked Including the NavMesh so the animals no longer freeze. Water trough moved.
A trailer tip trigger has been added to the BGA sunken tip point, it is small and split in 2 for Both hoppers, this may not work well with courseplay but otherwise works and does it’s job.
Church added with sounding bell on the hour.
Many objects from all the past FS games added to yard areas to improve realism.
Texture Flicker removed from all building models and MIPS added.
Access to the chicken zones troughs improved.
Baseball Field dug outs dug out.
Tip Grids added to the potato washers, beetMaster, SeedMaster, Mixstation and PigForage Master.All pallet movers are fixed at the salad factory and production will restart automatically on part full pallets. Supply capacity Increased and the steamer now will stay infront of the washer feeding it.
More 40m spruce trees added around the BGA area to the south.
The map file system which re-optimized and 130MB free’d up from v1.1 Although a good chunk has been used up by the new models and additions.
Tree textures darkened.
Distance hills added around the full map.
The farms northgate stuck open fixed, Issue What Caused by the vehicle shed and loadpoint, Both havebeen adjusted.
Beef2 manure conveyor Fixed.
English Tutorial added.

The SSS version is for lower spec PC systems.
The HSS version is for high end pc’s and gaming rigs with very good graphics cards.

There’s more but you will not notice and I’ve forgotten over the weeks.


Other credits for installed mods and scripts ..

Dorset for some textures from his pack.

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upside Down, IFkonator, Kastor, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, and Webalizer.

Youtube video Jim Estep, Thanks Jim.

Thanks To Stuart (wonko), Robbie and Viper278 for helping me out when i had issues.

Lakeside USA v 4.0 [MP]
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2 thoughts on “Lakeside USA v 4.0 [MP]

  1. This is a great map does anyone know how to transport rabbits and geese to the market and I am also having problems with selling milk at the milk factory along with the moving the whole milk product Stevie produces some of the greatest working maps . Thanks Stevie

  2. Thanks Stevie I have a couple of questions how do you move rabbits and geese to market. The next question is how do you sell milk at the milk factory

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