Krone MX 320 GD v 2.0 [MP]

Krone MX 320 GD

Krone MX 320 GD

Krone MX 320 GD

We are farmers, we have the final say, we have the largest loading trailers

In practice you need power and Schlagkräftigkeit.

This provides Crown with the comprehensive Greater wagons MX.

The MX 320 has a capacity of 320 m3 (DIN 11741), the uncontrolled EasyFlow PickUp, 3 metering rolls, split floor conveyor and a steely ground.

It is equipped with tires Trelleborg and needs about 150 hp

But enough with the Gutgerede.

The car comes from the LS13 undwurde convert from Mantikor. Thank you ^^

He is 100% based on the LS15 standards. I recommend it to you the MX of Mantikor also see some time, which is also quite korekt!


Modell: GIants


Textur: Giants & BW-LPG

Test: BW-LPG


Krone MX 320 GD v 2.0 [MP]
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