Kroeger protection Trailer v 1.5 [SP]

Kroeger protection Trailer

Kroeger protection Trailer

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So the really last mod from us this year 2015th

What has been done:

– Adapted lighting and Blitzer
– Range tinkering indicator
– Scripts run now in multiplayer
– Texture from scratch
– Dirt on it and all washable
– Texture of tires is of Ahran / Bavaria Modding

– Tested in single and multiplayer


If there tail section is set up can you abkubbeln there it continues to flash but ATTENTION, Do not park on slopes as it tilts backwards because of the weight.


Kompletter Aufbau = Micha und MTL Modding Team / Textur Räder: Ahran von Bavaria Modding

Kroeger protection Trailer v 1.5 [SP]
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