John Deere S680

John Deere S680

John Deere S680

John Deere S680

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— 3 washable versions of the S680 American-styled with wide-set back wheels
— 2 headers (12m and 13.7m) and Genovese header trailer
— Chopper Dust mod added to each combine
— 50k liter grain capacity

Known Issues:

1) logs the following warning related to the Maurer grain bins–“Warning: FillPlaneGeometry shape geometry must be called ‘fillVolumeShape’, not ‘LBJFIllVolume’” –I don’t know how to fix
2) When first filling the Maurer bins, the grain plane sticks out of the left side facing of the bin. Goes away after about 14% full.
3) Combines are washable except for the front including the top of the cab–can’t be fixed with current model.


Original combine & 640FD models: Julian11
Header Trailer & 645FD: Big Boss Modding
Michelin Wheels: Big Boss Modding
Maurer Bin: Unknown (Rafazr?)
Square Bin: Unknown
Chopper Dust mod: KarlosCZ & lincolaci
First Edit: killerrf
Additional edits: cjwilksy

John Deere S680
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