URAL LKW 4320-1921-60M v 0.5 alpha

URAL LKW 4320-1921-60M

URAL LKW 4320-1921-60M

URAL truck 4320-1921-60M version 0.5 alpha
Authors: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh
Ural-4320 – a truck-terrain dual-purpose wheel with 6 × 6, produced at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass.
To date, a series of Ural-4320 is produced with diesel engines YaMZ capacity of 230-312 hp Environmental class of Euro-4.

This mod:

Engine: 230 hp
Maximum speed: 81 km / h
Suspension Animation, the animation of the driver, the animation engine, 3 points attacherov, permanent four-wheel drive 6×6, new textures of interior and chassis, passenger script, dirty / clean.
SPECIALTY: animatedVehicle, cylindered, drivable, foldable, honk, indoorHud, motorized, passenger, steerable, washable

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Model: Sanjka86
Texture: Johnny Jounieh
Script: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh
Idea / Concept: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh
Testing: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh

URAL LKW 4320-1921-60M v 0.5 alpha
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