Nisula attachable Harvester v 1.1 [MP]

Nisula attachable Harvester v 1.1

Nisula attachable Harvester v 1.1

Nisula attachable Harvester v 1.1

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Finally a Harvester for home use! The modern farmer must from now no longer save the expensive Scorpion, but now buys the Nisula Harvester attachment for his house tractor. The harvester can fell all common trees and trim even already cut trees. With its 36-stage taper lever trees can be pruned as a whole.

The butt plate protects the tractor in front of the tree trunks and can be used as a rear shield.

To prevent tipping of the tractor, the work supports must be extended (Keypad 7). The hydraulics should also be lowered, but that’s not a must.

We strongly recommend to hang a heavier weight to the other side of the tractor.

The harvester is designed primarily for use in the immediate vicinity of the tractor to large leverage effects should be avoided.

The harvester requires at least 100hp.

Sorry for the texturing, which is not my forte.

The mod is log free.

If at you it will not be possible to select chop lengths of over 18m, get in touch shortly. There is a workaround for you.


v1.0: Release


Harvester: Giants Farmari99, TomasT150 (Valtra Valmet 6600 Forst Edition)
Polterschild: moep0710

Harvester: Giants Farmari99, TomasT150
Polterschild: moep0710

Script: moep0710
Idee / Konzept: moep0710
Tester: moep0710
Sonstige: moep0710

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