HTZ 17222 XT3 v 2.1 Multicolor [MP]

HTZ 17222 XT3

HTZ 17222 XT3

HTZ 17222 XT3

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I imagine you here the “HTZ 17222 XT3” in the newly built and edited version.

Model runs largely on standard scripts.
Model is FREE LOG !!

Features Standard:

Indicators and RUL
Color choice
animated Hechhydraulik
animated Amaturen (Speed, Fuel, RMP)
animated exhaust flap
animated Kardarnwelle
animated Farmer
Tire tracks and dust
Articulated steering

Additional Features:

expandable Zwillingsbereifung
two secondary camera incorporated perspectives
Acker Machine fades out when the attachment is appended

Special features:

functioning radio (after a certain time is a song played)

Driving and motor data were readjusted. Textures have been further optimized and the gloss was reduced


Mad Dog

HTZ 17222 XT3 v 2.1 Multicolor [MP]
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