HTZ 16331 XT3 v 1.5 [MP]

HTZ 16331 XT3

HTZ 16331 XT3

HTZ 16331 XT3

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Here I imagine you the old “HTZ 16331 XT3” available.

The mod is FREE !! LOG


Light, turn signals, brake lights, working light, RUL

Tires dust and tire tracks

animated Farmer

animated Amaturen

animated Fronthydraulik

animated Heckhydraulik

anmierte exhaust flap

animated propeller shafts, universal joints in the axle, the fan motor, air filter box, etc.

Ackerschiene fades out when the attachment is coupled

Trailerattacher front

Old worn texture

Power: 180 hp

Maximum speed: 43 km / h


For opening / closing are:

Left door

Right door window

Left side window

Right side window

Roof hatch

Motor Decker

Motor side trim


Patch 1.3 Final must be installed!


Dima29-303, Kiryukha, Mad Dog, Coyote

HTZ 16331 XT3 v 1.5 [MP]
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