Herculano Trailers Pack v 1.0 [SP]

Herculano Trailers Pack

Herculano Trailers Pack

Herculano Trailers Pack

Today i bring you 3 Herculano trailers for small farms and bussiness!!

This pack contains:

Herculano S1ET 5000
Herculano S1ET 5000 (Seeds & Fertilizer)
Herculano S1ET/HEUT 5000

The small one (S1ET 5000) has 5250Liters of capacity and the bigger one (S1ET/HEUT 5000) has 10500Liters of capacity. The Herculano S1ET 5000 (Seeds & Fertilizer) you can use it to fill your Seeder of Spreader/Fertilizer on the field. You just need to get them near the trailer and you can start refilling them.

They accpet wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarBeet, silage and woodChips.


Turning Lights


Model FS2013: 352C

Converted to Ls 2015

ingame/textures.: Gianlufarmer92

Script: Agty luke

Washable: Jukka

Reskin &.XML: AgriRui

Herculano Trailers Pack v 1.0 [SP]
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