Harvest Home Farm v 4.0 [MP]

Harvest Home Farm

Harvest Home Farm

Harvest Home Farm

Harvest Home Farm

Harvest Home Farm

Welcome to Harvest Home Farm,

This map is a fictional british based map, it has over 50 fields to work all are various shapes and buyable.

The map has All the fattening mod installed (Cows, Pig, Sheep, Beef, Chicken) as well as all the standard animals.

The map has Potaot washing plant and sugarbeet pulp machine as well as the option to convert washed potatoes into pig forage for feed this converts into silage feed in the pig unit.

this map has a real road layout and Varrying terrain and a lovely coutryside feel.

there is so much to discover please look at the pictures to get a better inspiration on the farm.

There is a total of 4 workable farms with plenty to do and use on each farm.

Compost mod and soil mod are both implemented in the map also all gates are to be opened manually so you will need the following mods.


Animation Map Trigger

All crops are stored on the map using the tip anywhere mod to allow multi farm to work withour issues with crop storage conflict



BigRoadPack by Atze1978 – ls-Modding
Grass Texture by Richard – LS-Nextgeneration
Houses and Buildings by duarn
Giants for most objects, map and GE
Bushes/Hedges by spider100
Oil barrels by FSmodding
Flags by dimre
Wall barrier by epic_pryda
Food Storage by 1984Fendt936
Wall Pack by FSmodding
Roadpack by brzeziolpl
MultiAngleTerrain by Petorious
Chopped Straw by Webalizer
Farm Sheds by NI Modding-alwyn, henly20, rh

Irish sheds




Storage stack

robin6030 making of the storage rack.
sandgroper,(sleeper) from his clutter pack
farmer54, (timber for the side and sheet tin for the roof ) from his British shed pack.FS2011
WBF-contracting1 – conversion and re-skin (British shed pack) to FS2013

beef and pig sheds


wooden bridge

CG textures

milpol How to convert Sketchup files to Blender and create an AO texture.http://fs-uk.com/download/hosted/29672



Street names

Myself: Striker564 (Sriker564)

Road signs

by willjsavage




MPH Farming Ltd for testing the map.

Harvest Home Farm v 4.0 [MP]
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  1. Map offered on many welsites sinces May 5,2016. But impossible to find a video,…May be you that you had changed the name during the different moments of creation: Béta, V1, V2, V3, . Pity AnarchyI, cause it is always the same problem, for watching next referencies of a mod progressing.

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