GTSchmiede Dutra Pack v 1.0 [MP]

GTSchmiede Dutra Pack

GTSchmiede Dutra Pack

GTSchmiede Dutra Pack

I present you now the corrected Mod of Dutra D4K B in a Pack.

The first Dutra has after weeks of building only one handle in the garbage box is, since he was a tiny piece too large (over 30%)

So again ran from the front and newly built.

Now here is the result and I have to say now stimmts with dimensions.

Again the presentation of the tractor and the mod.

In the zip Three Variants of D are $ KB included.

a vielbeschimptes piece in blue

a model in something in the tooths appearance

a model like Vorgaänger but with tailgate

The Dutra root t from 60-70 years and was the tractor before the plow in the former GDR agriculture.

Er was at the time the most powerful tractors with 90 hp and had a somewhat unusual appearance.

4 equal driving wheels with front wheel steering and a never-ending bonnet.

This was then by road very obstructive.

Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite tractors with its unique ungedäpften sound.

What is still installed?

IC control hood, roof and rear window if available.

Door Opener and Hood Opener for bonnet and rear window

animated Engine parts and display instruments

partially contaminated the tractor and can be washed.



GTSchmiede Dutra Pack v 1.0 [MP]
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