Grocery v 1.0 [MP]




Placeable grocery


texture: 2k more normal map and specular map

types of vegetables and fruits: tomato, chili, cucumber, kohlrabi, carrot, onion, potato, pig, pigs, cow, calf, beef, lamb, chicken2, chicken, marmelade, obstwein, bier, bread, sandwich, flour, sugar, salt, olive, oliveoel, milk, yoghurt, apfel, birne, erdbeere, pflaume, kirsche, orange, pfirsich, weizenbier, beer, wheatbread, barleybread, maizebread, wheatflour, barleyflour, maizeflour, sil, salz, oliva, olivka, olivaoil, oliveoil, peach, apricot, pepper, joghurt, yogurt, yogurtapple, yogurtpear, cherryyogurt, apple, pear, strawberry, plum, cherry, conmilk, trauben, wein, paprika, lettuce.

Version 1.0

PS: texture of the plates: ROS Rosenthaler



Grocery v 1.0 [MP]
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3 thoughts on “Grocery v 1.0 [MP]

    1. yes! I just figured it out myself. you have to update your upk mod to the latest version and be sure you also have the 64er fixer mod if you have any other fruit adding mods.

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