Front loader tools v 1.0 [MP]

Front loader tools

Front loader tools

Front loader tools

That Umgeskinnte Standart FL tools.
The Pallettengabeln have slightly longer “tines”.

The pitchfork and Silageschaufel have a crap steam function so if you aufladet crap then it steams a little 🙂 Some will already know of the Steyr 8090 Equipment packs, but we wanted the whole again so recompose a better overview is given.

The downloaded file must be decompressed.


1x Hauer Tools
1x Hydrac Tools
1x Pöttinger Tools (slightly smaller)

We wish you much fun and joy with it. 🙂


STEYR Modding
(unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)
Giants Software

Front loader tools v 1.0 [MP]
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