Kramer KT276 v 1.0 [MP]

Kramer KT276 v 1.0

Kramer KT276 v 1.0

Kramer KT276 v 1.0

Before we can get started in the LS17 with the Kramer KL 30.8T soon, now follows here first nor my latest mod for the LS15.

The Kramer KT276 is a telescopic handlers from the agricultural series of Kramer.

The mod is based on the Liebherr TL432-7 from the base game of the LS15. It does not correspond to 100% the model, but it is enough to bring again some fresh wind into play.

What has been done:

New skin
Decals adapted to the original
Engine and vehicle data to the original adaptedness> now runs only 30km / h
-> Fuel capacity only 100L
New Store image
customized Store Description

Have fun!

PS: Since the mod consists entirely of original components, he was released for further processing and conversion into the LS17.


GIANTS Software, amhh

Kramer KT276 v 1.0 [MP]
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