Fliegl ASW v 0.1beta [MP]

Fliegl ASW

Fliegl ASW

Fliegl ASW

The Fliegl push-off system is a revolutionary and successful system for all transportation in the fields and on the roads. It combines and optimizes the advantages of all well known transport systems.

High quality chassis technology due to long years of development, allows for secure handling, even under extreme driving conditions!

Push-off instead of dumping – advantages over dumping systems

Better stability due to lowest center of gravity during transport and unloading
Up to 60% additional loading via optimal compacting, depending on transported goods and degree of moisture
Problem free pushing-off even in low buildings
Low net weight
Reduced oil requirement, there are no telescopic cylinders
Also with large volume vehicles up to 70 m³ safe unloading, even on uneven terrain
Can be combined with a spreader mechanism, overhead screw conveyor or overhead conveyor in a few minutes

Mod Details:

Ingame Specs:

Price: 34995
Brand: Fleigl
Type: Trailer
FillTypes: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips manure
Capacity: 39000
Upkeep: 15


Flexing Hoses, Attaches to a Tractor uses HoseRefTargets
Full Lights
Mouse Control Top Flap / Gate
Support for toggle Tip Side: select Rear Push off, or the Grain Door
Supports Manual Attaching: Manual attach the Trailer to the Tractor and The Hoses **if your Tractor of choice has HoseRefs


FSModding: Model Textures Ingaming
HoseRef Script: Xentro
Wopster & Xentro, Jackaroo & BlackJack (bm-modding) Couplings and Hose Textures.
Mappers Paradise – BulletBill Testing

Fliegl ASW v 0.1beta [MP]
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