Firewood v 1.2.1 [MP]




when you use any type of chainsaw this script add an hud and activate a kind of mission for which it’s possible to collect firewood; when the virtual pallet of firewood is full (about 1000kg) pallet number are increment by one, and when you want you can sell all pallet collected, and some woodchip are added to farm silo; During cut cycle you can see a measure of logs and other information, like remaining number of branches, lengths, and if you are in front of growing planted pine.

The price of firewood are fixed hardcoded to 360, but may vary, depending from type and volume of wood, temperature of the day, difficult level, and some random great request.

All economy and quantity are limited to mission in progress, all firewood not sold at exit, will be lost! because I don’t want to register new fruit_type; I can’t spawn any kind of pallet at this time, and wood harvester not involved in this process.

The script reduce price of all trees according to game difficulty setting, for more realistic behaviour, you can comment 3 row in source file to override this.

The measure can be reset with left_shift + click mouse right.

slice of wood from 0,1 to 1,99 meter can be wiped out with Q key and equivalent weight added to pallet of firewood

collected pallet can be sold with R key.

species of tree, length, volume and remaining number of branches can be read on upper, and you can see planted pine growth state.

some cosmetic changes

hud problem on some resolution fixed

multiplayer fixed, but need some test on dedicated server, also, some warning appear in log when swipe out slice of wood from client in MP environment, but i think this not a problem, need some investigation…

if persist little bug with joystick, simply use mouse left click first time, and after working well.



Firewood v 1.2.1 [MP]
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