Fiatagri 160-90 v 1.0 beta [SP]

Fiatagri 160-90 v 1.0 beta

Fiatagri 160-90 v 1.0 beta

Fiatagri 160-90 v 1.0 beta

Here it is, today I bring the Fiat 160_90 done by Fabyte modding for farming simulator 2013, the conversion was really hard, but the passion for modding is too strong, I have been committed so much to bring you a better conversion, the conversion is still version beta because there are still some little problems that it solved in a version 2, have fun! big thank’s to simofarmer96 and Agrotrevi00 for help me in this work!! **Gianlufarmer92

to download wait for 5 seconds and then click “next”

Ic: back window

Power – 160 hp


Speedometer and tachometer

Opened rear window
weights Fiat original

The dust from the wheels

Traces of wheels

Dirt / Washable: only some part

dashboard warning lights: high working lights, low work lights, rear work lights, directional arrows

I hope you enjoy this, the mod stiil have some problem and i will fix in the V2, have fun!!


Model: Fabyte modding-Gianlufarmer92
Texture: Fabyte moding
Script: Fruktor-Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)-sven777b
Idea / Concept: Fabyte modding-Gianlufarmer92
Testing: Gianlufarmer92-SImofarmer96-Bulldeere-Agrotrevi00-Fmarco95-Elterror82
Other: conversion and edit to farming simulator 2015: Gianlufarmer92 ingame and some texture, thank’s for help Simofarmer96 and Agrotrevi00

Fiatagri 160-90 v 1.0 beta [SP]
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