Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v 1.0

Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v1.0

Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v1.0

Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v1.0

Original link [Uploaded.net]


Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters
Rakes folded height: 5,2 meters
Recommended power: 230 cv
Price: 134.000 €
Daily maintenance: 95 €
Rakes adapts to the ground


Our flagship product is the swath R90 has been specially designed to work in conjunction with the baler. With a working width of 10,5 meters and a good leveling provided by its four wheels with adjustable damping in height, providing excellent performance in the collection plus a significant time savings. The launch of the baler is placed vertically adjustable by a hydraulic cylinder, which facilitates besides leveling rake transport difficult access, like the roller placed with the phonograph, which makes the straw into the machine with greater ease.
Special thanks to BlackSheep for letting me modify its Baler.


Baler: BlackSheep
Rake: JavierZzS

Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v 1.0
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3 thoughts on “Fendt 1290 S XD + Nadal R90 v 1.0

  1. Is there a chance that someone could lengthen the tongue for the Nadal R90 so that there is room to pull the implement behind a mower/harvester? I think if the tongue can be lengthened another 24-36 inches, this will allow the baler to be mounted behind a harvester/mower & remove the problem of binding up when turning or moving the baler between fields with the gathering extensions in the upright position.

    All in all, this is a great mod that needs just a little tweaking. A longer tongue would make this mod very versatile so it can be used in conjunction with a harvester processing wheat & barley & mowing equipment while cutting grass/hay.

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