EDEKA Trailer Pack v 1.1 [SP]

EDEKA Trailer Pack

EDEKA Trailer Pack

EDEKA Trailer Pack

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I finally found the time to do something to improve the EDEKA trailer. On request, some Filltypen have been added.

As many capital goods are indeed the same, but on some maps then call it different, I’ve been trying to find me and thus also the double big or small written eingetragen.Habe but now no desire and time to me to load each map here capital goods contains.

If so yet again what is missing, please send with the exact name as a message, I’ll resent it when the time is. Is also not difficult to make yourself, and I think was already several times described.

There were requests to make a version without steering axles, I have a second to the packed without distracting.

Also find many no tractor which thus gets along, so I have a standard with MAN done in the pack of the can.

Now expects from which one does not, he’s changed much. No he can only pull the trailer better and moves a little more than 90 km / h. The handling should also be adapted to it. Who does not fit so it builds up so justly as he would like it.

The driving behavior of the trailer I’ve also adjusted slightly so that you can cope with small bumps better. But it is just not a tipper for the field, but a refrigerated truck is made for the road.

Unfortunately, the time was not quite enough to occupy myself with all the things that I had before.



EDEKA Trailer Pack v 1.1 [SP]
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