DON 1500A v 2.0 [MP]

DON 1500A

DON 1500A

DON 1500A


F – Light

X – Bunker

PO – Pouring snail

, (Comma) – Shredder

N – unfolded staircase

M – Doors

Num1,2,3 – direction

Num5 – Front working lights

Num6 – Light to discharge snails

Num4 – Light bunker

Heme – Beacons

With the mouse removable Combine header benders

* Error * Mods

Škyvai rotates slower than it should

* Mods Benefits *

moving škyvai

illuminated cables internal

Running inside the speedometer

Keeps track

Full electrical installation both outside and inside displays every where burns

Has GoPro camera at different angles


Fagot, DiZik, 36region, Monax, ?ompany


DON 1500A v 2.0 [MP]
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