Deutz Agrostar 6.31 v 1.0 [MP]

Deutz Agrostar 6.31

Deutz Agrostar 6.31

Deutz Agrostar 6.31

Since today the 4th Advent is another tug, the Deutz Agrostar 6:31.

He is the smaller brother of 6.61 and at the same time by 2 pots larger than the 4.71, with 120 hp umdie it moves into the middle class. Again the same game: Thanks to GeneralX for the release of cabin panels.


-Interactive Control (image)

-triggers Functions (image)

-Ergänzter Exhaust smoke


– “Sprung” camera

-Advanced Steer Camera (Comments)

Not guaranteed -Fehlerfreiheit

-Gearbox Configuration available


Urmod: Giants
Genereller Umbau: MrFox
Kabinenbearbeitung: GeneralX
Haube und Textur: MrFox
Haubendirt: Mattxjs
Sounds: (?)
Kennzeichen: Johni6530 (?)
Reifentexturen: ModsWanted
Beifahrer: BM Modding
Lenkradknauf: JohnDeere2450
Kühlbox: Sanderrr
Scripte: BM Modding, fruktor, JoXXer, face, modelleicher, ls-for-ever, Sven777b
Zwillingsreifen: CebuljCek

Deutz Agrostar 6.31 v 1.0 [MP]
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