DB90 and Kinze 3700

DB90 and Kinze 3700

DB90 and Kinze 3700

DB90 and Kinze 3700

I give you the DB 90 and the Kinze 3700 both 38 rows

Always use external download link to make sure you get the correct file

no errors

all working animations, dust, markers, wheels, lights, 20000 capacity

Special thanks to the creator of the base model of this mod and these versions of this mod is credited to FS 2k Modding


FS 2k Modding

DB90 and Kinze 3700
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2 thoughts on “DB90 and Kinze 3700

  1. This mod, much like the original and ALL the re-releases is pure GARBAGE. The physics are horrible, It’s half way in the ground, slides all over the place with the slightest turn. and bounces around like crazy when not connected to a tractor. It has potential but is garbage for now.

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