Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v 1.0

Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0

Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0

Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0

This is the Bell UH1D AGRICULTURAL with the fertilizer capabilites added into. I really enjoyed the helicoptor and thought it would be cool to be able to fertilize your crops from above. It cuts down on the time to fertilize your field by a large margin. This is version one and I will continue to make improvements to it and re-release when they are done. There is currently a limit of how far away from the field you are for the spraying to be effective. All credits to the orginal creator of the mod, the only thing I did was add the fertilize feature.

This mod is SP Only.


Bigdaddy012678 (Added Fertilizer Feature)

Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v 1.0
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12 thoughts on “Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v 1.0

  1. It is the 4 th Bell a UH1D that you offer on: sorry, it have a big beug. = impossible to stop the sound of the engine except if I remove this mod from Documents \ my games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ mods !..Because to ear the engine sound definitivly when you put it in your mods is an audio pollution. So I wait that you make a correction in the cfg sound script for obtaining totaly silence when we srop the engine…Except that big bug, your 4 versions of the Bell Huey UH1D (agri, firefighters, military, fertilizer) are excellent …Congratulations if you can corrige this handicap :))

    1. in your xml shorten the “time duration” on the idle sound and change the time to “1.00” on the (engine stop) it will stop the echo effect and sound when you leave the vehicle. So times you just say thank you and fix it yourself but don’t share others mods without their okay!

  2. I like your BELL UH1D .. Can you make one haul Fruits of all kinds to Sale at the Market Places… I enjoy flying around in New Maps… it’s easier … Next thing Air Planes with Airports…………….

  3. For everyone saying these helos keep making noise:
    You MUST stop the rotors before exiting. Leaving the vehicle will cut the engine, but the rotor sound keeps going. Just hit caps lock to stop the rotors and then get out. The rotors will spool down with the engine.

    These are great mods. It’d be nice if they had a camera that stayed parallel to the ground, but that’s just a preference.

  4. On this Bell Huey HUH1D with the fertilizer capabilites added into. , it is possible to stop the sound of the engine; Good mod idea!

  5. Crop dusting with a Huey is pretty cool, but I would love to see the FS15 version of the Sikorsky sky crane with agriculture spraying equipment found on various download sites.
    The Bell Huey is awesome as well, so long as it’s not the infamous Vietnam War era ‘Agent Orange’ being sprayed around (would bankrupt our farms in short order if we killed all our crops hehe), it will be quite suitable for agriculture spraying.

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