Claas Rollant 250 v 2.0 [MP]

Claas Rollant 250

Claas Rollant 250

Claas Rollant 250

With the launch of the ROTO CUT system in 1993, it became possible to chop the forage directly before baling and to form high-quality silage into bales with the ROLLANT balers.

The baling chamber and tailgate were given a swivelling segment, the MPS (Maximum Pressure System) ensured additional pressure is applied to the bale and a higher bale density

was achieved through three steel baling rollers mounted on a movable swivelling segment at the tailgate, protruding into the interior of the baling chamber. Bale diameter 4 foot or 1.25m

Animated Parts. No washable. AO texture.
Price: 27750 €.

dailyUpkeep: 25 €.


FS13: SMI – Sotillo Modding Industries.
FS15: Instruktor

Claas Rollant 250 v 2.0 [MP]
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