Small utilities v 1.8 [MP]

Small utilities

Small utilities

Small utilities

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here comes something again from us.

We introduce you the little utilities.

This is a modified MB Chain by MODALL.

With it, you can simply and easily refuel its vehicles, fill fertilizer and seed fill the seeders again.

Details Version 1.7

Cost: € 7,999

Maintenance: 19 € per day

Function: The small distributors is a Pendant with which you can fill seed, fertilizer and fuel quickly spot


Modell: Modall
Textur: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Idee / Konzept: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Reifen: Leihgabe von unserem GAZ Titan Modpack

Small utilities v 1.8 [MP]
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