Bunker silo v 1.0 [SP]

Bunker silo

Bunker silo

Bunker silo

Bunker mobile with a tractor Capacity 1000000 liters requires a counter weight 3600 kg
Culture manure silage potato sugarbeet grass hay straw feed barley wheat corn chips canola


script Marhu

Bunker silo v 1.0 [SP]
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15 thoughts on “Bunker silo v 1.0 [SP]

  1. I think this is an excellent idea, but having it mounted on the 3 point linkage isn’t very practical. I can’t find a weight big enough to keep the front of the tractor on the ground. A trailed version would be much easier to move around, or even have it as a placeable mod. I’m also getting this warning in my log “Warning: Missing l10n for button TREEC in bunkersilo”. I’m not a modder so have no idea how to fix that.

    I very much hope these problems can be resolved as this would be a very useful mod.


  2. A pain to get into position due to 3t weights being hard to find. A bit light on the ground when it’s bumped but does exactly as advertised. An excellent semi-permanent field bin. BIG cropping maps like Region of Texas are much easier now.


    1. j’ai trouver une idée a votre question je les tester et sa a marcher je fait comme sa maintenant
      il faut télécharger le CONNECTEUR Tree PLANTER V 1.0 a la page 3 dans les outils and tool
      et il faudra acheter trois planteuse de plan d’arbres pour y soulever la bunker

  3. bonsoir j’ai essayé le mod il ne faut pas 3,600 tonnes mais plutos 16

    tonnes et encore.car aprés j’ai mis 200000 tonnes de blé dans le Bunker

    silo et impossible de bouger le tracteur j’ai pris le NEW HOLLAND T9.565.

    il faudrais faire le Mod Bunker silo avec 4 essieus sur roue ca serait

    plus pratique.

    Good evening I tried the mod should not be 3,600 tonnes but Plutos 16

    tons encore.car after I put 200,000 tons of wheat in the Bunker

    silo and impossible to move the tractor I took the NEW HOLLAND T9.565.

    it faudrais to Mod Bunker silo with 4 axles on ca wheel would

    more practical.

    1. Yep but still not enough weight, luckily I got the Case 380 forestry so I can hang the hook over the front holding something, that works along with the weight.

  4. Hi,

    +1 for the weight
    It’s impossible to find the expected front weight…
    I try to use implement as weight but it’s not enough !

    This mod is very nice, but actually, unusable.
    However, when there is some ressource in, it’s normal it is unmovable

  5. I arrive to transport also this mod Bunker silo v 1.0 [SP]very easy with Broshuis low loader v 1.3 [MP].I block with a trator the Bunker silo v 1.0 side where is the distribution pipe. I retreat Broshuis low loader v 1.3 [MP]the Ramps Down, I push Bunker silo with trator on the Broshuis low loader ramp; When the progression stop by nivel problem, I uuuuuuup the ramp of 1.50m and then I finish to push by trator to the maxi! The trator wheels arrived on the ramp, I retreat the tractor, put up the Broshuis low loader ramp and I attach solid by keybocard “o”. I speed easy after.

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