BIZON Z050 6

BIZON Z050 6

BIZON Z050 6

BIZON Z050 6


– A real scale
– A real speed
– A real power
– Realistic sounds
– Animations almost everything

– Addition and subtraction of gas per key

– The pipe opened at the exit of the car
– All flaps opened to the press at the approach
– Removing and guards chopper on the button when approaching
– Unfolding and folding chopper on the button when approaching
– Getting up at the combine on key (better seen gorge)
– Threshing activated on the button
– Twisting and untwisting concave on key
– Enabling header on key
– Manual lifting and lowering hedra
– Motowid?a raised and lowered at the press
– Motowid?a moved in and out on key
– The speed adjustable on key motowide?
– Change distributors canopy on rape and vice versa on the button when approaching
– Moving all pulleys, walkers, etc.
– Sound dumping grain from the tank
– Sound throw gear
– Mirrors
– Exhaust
– He leaves traces
– The dust under the wheels
– Animations on hederach


– Opening the side flap
– The wheels changed on the button (on request players)
– Dark fumes
– Folding cock
– The expected peak on key num7
– Improving texury
– Improving visual bison (added a few elements)
– Included matched header

The improvement directions and chaff! to function properly even though they can not see it you have to walk underneath it and click the appropriate button!


Model: Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski Programming: Rockstar94, LESTER89 Script: Rockstar94 Edit LS 13: Rolnik7245 mathimo Edit FS 15: LESTER89

BIZON Z050 6
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