Better steering with the keyboard v 1.9

Better steering with the keyboard v1.9

Version 1.9

– Drehung der Kamera nur noch in der Innenansicht
– Spiegel schaltbar

Although I have a steering wheel, but play almost exclusively with the keyboard. On winding roads, I am again and again landed in the ditch or in front nights electricity pylons.
Now I have invented this script. It varies depending on the speed, the steering speed, the restoring speed (autoRotateBackSpeed) and the maximum steering angle. It also turns the camera to match the steering angle. Both functions can be off again, with the following keys:

ksmCAMERA [Shift Left + C]: portable camera on / off, default is on
ksmENABLE [Shift Left + E]: Adaptive steering on / off, default is on
ksmREVERSE [Shift Left + R]: Looking back on / off, default is on
ksmPLUS [Ctrl + Left E]: increase sensitivity [Left + C Ctrl] ksmMINUS: reduce sensitivity
ksmUP, ksmDOWN, ksmLEFT, ksmRIGHT [Shift + Right arrow key]: Looking Forward, back, left, right
ksmMIRROR [Stjrg Links + R]: mirror on / off

New in Version 1.9
Starting with version 1.9, the camera is only rotated in the Interior. In addition, the parameters have been revised again. Additionally, one can in any vehicle on or off the mirror. This is to win rather weak PCs to a few more frames per second.
If individual settings should be on or off with you, so you can set your own defaults. Sets to the folder “mods” file “keyboardSteerMogliConfig.xml” with the following content:

The 4 entries control the following defaults:

ksmCameraIsOn: Moving Camera (all cameras)
ksmCamInsideIsOn: Moving Camera (Interior only)
ksmSteeringIsOn: Adaptive Steering
ksmReverseIsOn: Looking back
ksmDrawIsOn: Keys in F1 always show
enableAnalogCtrl: Adjust accelerator and steering for analog Kontroler.


Mogli aka biedens

Better steering with the keyboard v 1.9
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