Belarus 3522 v 1.4 [MP]

Belarus 3522

Belarus 3522

Belarus 3522

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We thank you and to thank Cools Modding Garage for Camfix (that is why he is having in the Moddesc) and our beta testers and Modvorsteller Pixel_Tom.

Mod consists of a tractor and a 1.8 tonnes weight.

The mod is both SP and MP capable.

There is still a version 1.1 followed with dirt but it must the people of the team come first encouraging holiday back.


Mod = Micha und das MTL Modding Team
Camfix = Cools Moddinggarage
Betatester = Pixel_Tom
Multiplayertester 1.1 = Hogger ( )

Belarus 3522 v 1.4 [MP]
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