Beet Master v 1.0 [SP]




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The BeetMaster used for the production of beet pulp and is based on the factory script. This version is placeable but can also be installed an appropriate GE version is present in the archive.
When placeable Version 2 new Filltypen be registered beetPulp and compost.


The Beetmaster is filled with sugar beet and water but this time is a Wassetrigger used with tube function. For filling you can take the Kotte Universal or Zunhammer of Marhu. As a product is created beetPulp (beet pulp) and compost. Is filled with the BeetMaster the wheel loader, the beet pulp to come right out and be collected in a heap. This can also be loaded with a shovel.
Back on Beetmaster, the compost will be taken this collects in a bunker and is only issued when a trailer is below.


Script: Marhu
Mod: Farmer_Andy

Beet Master v 1.0 [SP]
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