Ursus C-385

Ursus C-385

Ursus C-385

Ursus C-385


– Rooster on key
– Mod plowing
– Panel IC
– Opening the door
– Sunroof
– Hinged rear window
– Real animation smoke
– Animation levers FR
– Animation Gear
– Animation clutch pedal
– Animation brake pedal
– Animation gas pedal
– Animation windmill
– Animation pulleys
– Movable flap silencer
– Halogen lights
– Indicator lights
– Controls direction
– Illuminated clocks
– Ability to adjust the upper hitch on key 4 and 5
– Panel Auxiliary num 0
– Movable tip RPM
– Movable pointer fuel level
– Mod Passenger
– Front hitch
– Halogen front
– Halogen rear
– Mirrors
– Traces of wheels
– Dust from under the wheels
– Direction
– Lights
– Log is clean
– Real Sound
– Real power
– Animation rear and hydraulic steering


Rolnik7245, CatFan18 & LoleQ

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2 thoughts on “Ursus C-385

  1. Not to bash on the mod or anything, it seems like it would be a great mod. However, for some reason whenever I enter the vehicle, it wont let me exit or pull up any menus or anything. Also, anything that is turned on cannot be turned back off. If it would work like you intended it to work, it seems like it would be one of my favorite mods.

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