UAZ 452D Transport Set v 1.0 [MP]

UAZ 452D Transport Set

UAZ 452D Transport Set

UAZ 452D Transport Set

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here I present you the first “UAZ 452 D Transport set” of 6 sets.

Models walk on largely Standard – Script and LOG FREE!

In Pack includes:

UAZ 452D having a flat structure and Road tires

UAZ 452D high construction (road tires and agricultural tires)

1 Achs homemade trailer with flat tires and road construction

1 Achs homemade trailer with high construction (road tires and agricultural tires)


Light, high beam, turn signals, brake lights, reversing light

Reigen dust and tire tracks


animated Amaturen

animated Farmer

To open both doors

Dynamic Fillplane

Shader Particle System


Load capacity flat design: 2600 liters

High loading capacity building: 4600 liters

Downloadable Fruits: Standard (auser potatoes and beets)


Thanks to shippy74 who gave me the release of UAZ model for the reconstruction etc.

Thanks to speedy77 for DIY 1 Achstrailer and for further help / renovation of the whole set.


Patch 1.3 or high must be installed!


The following sets are further planned:

Raiffeisen Transport Set

Raiffeisen Service (seed) Set

Fuel (diesel) Transport Set

Milk and Water Transport Set


Modell: Avalon Style Entertainmen | Umbau LS11/13: shippy74 | Agrarbereifung: CebuljCek | Eigenbautrailer: speedy77 | Ingame/Umbau: Jekyll / speedy77

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