Traffic damper v 1.2 [MP]

traffic damper v 1.2

traffic damper v 1.2

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This very small mod is then created for Bjorn Holm 2.0. As in the Muliplayertests at some places but became very raging.

Before these dampers MUST be slow because it can lead to bad accidents otherwise.


Modell: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Textur: Micha the Modder / MTL Modding Team
Script: gibts nicht
Idee: Meine Betatester der Bjornholm 2.0 ( Marco und Schöni )
Tester: Alle Mitglieder von Schönis Spielecke ( Schöni, Marco, Marcus, Niclas und ich selbst )

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4 thoughts on “Traffic damper v 1.2 [MP]

  1. hi there sorry to say this mod is broken because it erased my whole farming simulator saved game file on west bridge map so I didn’t understand this mod for other people to use thanks its a nice idea lol

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