Slurry hose v 1.0 [MP]

Slurry hose

Slurry hose

Slurry hose

Slurry hose for connection between cesspit, Liquid manure and Feldrandcontainer.

Known from the Zunhammer Contestmod from LS13, LS15 converted.

The slurry hose can be taken at both ends with the players in the hand and are docked at the slurry nozzle. With the player at the end of the manure hose going, bottom right appears Ankuppelsymbol, with the left mouse button, it can be taken in hand. With the player to a manure piece go, it erschteint the Ankuppelsymbol. Hitching with the left mouse button to the slurry nozzles.


daniel11, fruktor

LS15 converted: xmate

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