Poettinger Mex 5 LessPower v 1.0 [MP]

Poettinger Mex 5 LessPower

Poettinger Mex 5 LessPower

Poettinger Mex 5 LessPower

Today, I present you the Pöttinger Mex 5 – before “LeesPower”.

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This is the Pöttinger MEX 5-LessPower. The difference from the original is due to its new lightweight whiteness and low power requirement of only 90 horsepower. Thus this MEX 5 can be used by smaller tractors. Another new feature is its working speed of 18 km / h.


small texture edits (diffuse and decals)

Reduced weight, increased working speed to 18 km / h

Reduced power requirement of 150 hp to 90 hp


GIANTS Software, convertToFS15

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