New Holland T7.170/185/200/210 v 1.0.2

New Holland

New Holland

New Holland

New Holland T7.170 / 185/200/210

New Holland T7 Packet consisting of T7.170, T7.185, T7.200 and T7.210

All are available in normal or BluePower paint.


original finish
Blue Power Paint
IC Control for windows
Folding Front Linkage
Original Performance
Dynamic Hoses ready


V1.0.1: Dynamic Hoses Points revised

Version 1.0.2

Frontladerkonsole am T7.170 BluePower wieder eingbaut.


Model: Giants, madabub
Texture: Giants, madabub
Ingame: Giants, madabub
script: Manuel Leithner, Xentro, madabub
Sounds: thefarmer
Performance Tuning: xxischxx
A thanks also to Mr. Florian Haas, which has enabled the recording of sounds.

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