New Holland CR10.90 v 2.0 [MP]

New Holland CR10.90

New Holland CR10.90

New Holland CR10.90

This is the defalt style New Holland CR10.90 with a few changes and new features.

Price – 379,500.
Daily Upkeep – 980.
Capacity – 14500.
FillTypes – Barley, Maize, Rape and Wheat.
Power – 652.


Increased the width of the crawler base.
Increased the width of the tire base.
Pipe light (3rd time of cycling trough lights).
Losser suspention.
Indoor sound.
Some new sounds.
Automatic reverse lights.
Pipe Cam.

Change Log V2.0:

1) Added Key binding for work cam on controller (Xbox/Playstation controllers).

Xbox Controller LB+RB+A Turns on|off pipe cam.
Playstation Controller L1+R1+X Turns on|off pipe cam.
Keyboard number 6 NOT KP_6 Turns on|off pipe cam.

2) Removed tinted windows.



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