Massey Ferguson 7622 v 3.0

Massey Ferguson 7622

Massey Ferguson 7622

Massey Ferguson 7622

Power 215 hp Speed 52 km / h. Light engineering. Interactive control (IC) (open doors and rear window, adjustable steering column). Working instrument panel and mirrors, doors open from the outside, animation hands farmer, dual wheels, leaving traces of dust from the wheels. Washable.


Smety, La Ferme Vendeenne, zVoxty

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3 thoughts on “Massey Ferguson 7622 v 3.0

  1. Load mod: MF_7622_V3
    Warning: No l10n text found for entry ‘rampefeux’ in mod ‘MF_7622_V3’
    Warning: Missing l10n for button rampefeux in MF_7622_V3

    And the signal flashers on the turnarms are at wrong sides. Left is right and right is left.

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