Massey Ferguson 3080

Massey Ferguson 3080

Massey Ferguson 3080

Massey Ferguson 3080


Opened the door, rear window and sunroof
IC – Control
Double wheels
mr Gearbox SHIFT (manual gearbox)
Dust from the wheels
Traces of wheels


EpicPrydaMods, Deutz1997, Modelleicher, Bullet, fruktor, JuuPeri

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One thought on “Massey Ferguson 3080

  1. Why is it so hard to add JuuPeri to the credits? He is the one that originaly made this mod and its made by him whatsoever so you should add him to credits. And this mod is from ls fin so you tecnicaly cant get it from anywhere else. And yes i know that you may not understand finnish but you should at least add JuuPeri to credits.

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