Liebherr 9800 v 0.1 beta [MP]

Liebherr 9800

Liebherr 9800

Liebherr 9800

This is my conversion of Liebherr 9800 from FS13.

The mod is fully fuctional but have two errors in .lua files.

Warning: Loading file with invalid case ‘C:/Users/***/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LIEBHERR_9800/Scripts/Sound.lua’.

Warning: Loading file with invalid case ‘C:/Users/***/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LIEBHERR_9800/Scripts/Chenille.lua’.



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9 thoughts on “Liebherr 9800 v 0.1 beta [MP]

  1. The map Mining_construction_economy 2015 works only with a special 2015 mods-pack Call: “modpack_mining_construction_economy” and not with this Liebherr 9800 v 0.1 beta [MP] converted 2013-2015. It is a gadjet without utility as the Truck also converted 2013-2015.
    This video is in fact : Mining_construction_economy 2013! It is explain on Ytube.
    “This is my FS15 liebherr 9800 and CAT 797b conversion from FS13. The mod and map not available to download.”

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