KrAZ fuel truck v 1.0 [MP]

KrAZ fuel truck

KrAZ fuel truck

KrAZ fuel truck

KrAZ 6×6 with fuel tank. Fuel truck works as gas station, any vehicle nearby can refuel. Textured body. Truck goes dirty and can be washed. You can open doors and hood with num keys (7, 8, 9). Working lights, traces and dust. Working rear attachment joint.
Still needs some work. Have fun!


Model 2013: Mad Dog; convert and edit by

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2 thoughts on “KrAZ fuel truck v 1.0 [MP]

    1. I have to print a retraction here for my first comment. While trying to understand why at first I couldn’t get this truck to refuel, I discovered that it WILL refuel. At first use I was also expecting to fill the tank with fuel and then go about refueling. Not the case. This truck will constantly refuel without being refueled itself. So, my apologies for my first comment and not fully understanding the operation.

      So, with that said, The truck works OK as a refueler. The trigger for refueling seems to be only at the rear of the truck. I would like to be able to refuel from the sides as well. Also, turning while driving above 20 mph is terrible. It has a severe “push” when trying to make turns. Maybe this is by design but for an all wheel drive vehicle it should have no problem turning.

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