GAZ 63 P with Fuel Tankertrailer v 1.0 [MP]

GAZ 63 P + Fuel-Tankertrailer

GAZ 63 P + Fuel-Tankertrailer

GAZ 63 P + Fuel-Tankertrailer

here a “GAZ 63-P tractors with diesel-tanks”

Models run completely on standard script and are LOG FREE!

The Wrapped fits very nicely on vintage or nostalgia on maps, so you can refuel your vehicles so.

The tanks can be filled at any gas station.

Both models have a used Used-texture was beautifully trimmed on old with many rusty spots, etc.


All standard features that are common with such a model

Light, turn signals, brake lights

animated fittings

animated propshaft

completely washable

Distressed Texture


Power of tractor: 70 hp

Tanker: 15000 liters

Fuel Type: Diesel


Roman, Adsumus, Mad Dog

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