Koeckerling Escort 300 v 1.0 [MP]

Koeckerling Escort 300

Koeckerling Escort 300

Koeckerling Escort 300

Since I’m a fan of Köckerling, for the Ls but are only the Trio 300 and 400, and there was nothing of Köckerling self mating for me, I have rangesetzt me and Kuhn Sitera 3000 inserted by Giants in a Köckerling dress.

The result is the Escort 300, a mechanical seed drill that can drill in addition to grain and grass and corn and sugar beets. Built is the Escort 300 on an Activa 300 harrow so that the Combination is also suitable for mulch. (Direktsaatfähig)

Who has shelled out € 13.400Ls- who can look forward to a simple and versatile Drille that is very cost effective in the maintenance of 40 Ls €.


Giants, Trax

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