Kirovets K 700 Pack v 2.5

Kirovets K 700 Pack

Kirovets K 700 Pack

Kirovets K 700 Pack

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Includes three tractors (K-700, K-700A and K-701). Power 230 hp, 230 hp, 300 hp Speed 34 km / h. Interactive control(IC)(door opens). Lighting, working instrument panel and mirrors, dashboard backlighting, animation hands farmer color choices when buying, automatic wipers, dual wheels for K-700A and K-701 (sold separately, the choice of color disc with the purchase), leave traces, dust under the wheels. Washable.

Changes in version
Added: K-700 and K-700A, registration in the store, new sounds, edit physics, animation devices, light.


SFM-Modding, BM-Modding. Edit: Adsumus, Suleimann, xXMalleXx, Кирюха

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