KAZ and Trailer Modul Set v 1.0 [MP]

KAZ and Trailer Modul Set

KAZ and Trailer Modul Set

KAZ and Trailer Modul Set

Original link [Uploaded.net]

Here’s a point I “Kaz with a trailer for AC systems” available to you.

Models walk predominantly on standard script.


Light, high beam, brake lights, reversing lights, indicators, instrument lighting

Tire tracks and dust

animated Farmer

animated Strainer

animated Amaturen

Color choice (Truck)

Washable (dirty)

to open both doors

To open the radiator flap

made various adjustments in the xml



The swap bodies in the pictures are not part of the set!

The swap bodies there separately from me to DL, where also other modules are received in the package.

The pack with the modules you get here:



Mad Dog

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